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Healthplans.Deals does not provide insurance nor are we a licensed insurance provider. Healthplans.Deals is a leading online market place connecting consumers with insurance agents and companies, and we do not provide quotes directly to consumers. Healthplans.Deals is a cost-free tool that makes searching for health insurance a snap. We know how busy you are. We also know how complicated and tedious shopping for health insurance can be: Filling out multiple forms on different insurance websites. Figuring out the right deductible and coverage level.

On Healthplans.Deals, no need to fill out forms on multiple sites – step through our simple, fast, easy-to-understand questionnaire, compare quotes from different insurers and agents, and start saving on your health insurance in under 5 minutes!

Healthplans.Deals then connects users with the largest available network of health insurance agents representing the nation's top insurance companies. Here's how Healthplans.Deals works:

Complete our easy-to-use online form. This will take most users less than 1 minute to complete.

Get instantly matched with health insurance providers in your area. Factors that affect which insurance providers you're matched to include the type of insurance desired, your age, your health status, tobacco use, gender, family medical history, and healthstyle, among other factors. Healthplans.Deals will then match you to the most appropriate agents or insurance companies serving your area. We'll also display a list of matching insurance companies that you can visit while you are waiting for your matched agents to contact you.

Be sure to take advantage of multiple agents and insurance companies competing for your business. Studies consistently show that comparing 3 or more different providers maximize your savings when shopping for health insurance. When comparing offerings, don't forget to consider claims and billing features, along with additional items. These factors are just as important as your monthly premium.

Getting the right health insurance policy for your needs is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make this year. Healthplans.Deals will make this process faster and simpler so you can go back to doing things that you enjoy doing. Leave it to us to handle all the complexity so you don’t have to.

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The Healthplans.Deals Team